APC UPSs in Islamabad


I need to know if I can find any of the following American Power Conversion UPS's in Islamabad:

1. Back UPS "CS" 6540VA

2. Back UPS "RS" 800VA

3. Smart UPS 750VA

From APCs website i got the following reseller's

1. Rabbani associates in F-10

2. Media Intl in Blue Area

3. Jaffer Systems in Blue Area

Any exp with any of these resellers???

Also if any one here has *any* experience with APC UPSs regarding Backtime time and battery availability, price please lemme know!

I know there is another UPS thread here, but that isnt APC, Islamabad or re-seller specific.

So please dont close this before i get atleast a couple of responses (decent)


Ali, just contact Media Intl. You have purchased stuff from them before, haven't you?


I have, but i really dont want to put all my eggs in one basket! if he goes kaput so does my entire rig!

(nearly everything i have on both my systems come from him!)


APC is distributed by TechnoVision, so I don't think you should have and qualms about the brand going "kaput" and dissappearing...

As long as the unit is new, sealed and comes with proper warranty documents you should have nothing to worry about.


no, not the brand, the place 'media int' going kaput. i am sure apc isnt going anywhere.


Those UPS's you mentioned bhai. What run time can they give?


APc's website mentions those. at full load they're pretty crap. but i am looking to run a router + a p-III-733 only. should give me atleast an hour (no monitor only the computer with no optical drive, sound disabled, serial port, parallel port disabled.). or atleast half an hour.


can this: [back UPS "RS" 800VA] run a dual core PC (say 550W) for like hours if we attach additional 'truck' batteries to it in parallel?

(btw...800VA = 800W right?)


800VA doesnt equal 800watts it is less.

this is a dry batt unit, i dont think u could mod it with a 'acid' battery.


then could we take out the dry batt completely and put a coupla acid ones there?


^I dont think it'll work. the charger in the ups is probably wired to juice up a specific type of a battery.