APC ups

I need a APC UPS 650 VA for my computer with auto shutdown and good AVR feature. Where I can find a geniune APC UPS in karachi (not made in china).


Im also looking for APC ups in karachi.

Have you tried visiting Makro? I think they might have it.

Not yet. I have tried in cooperative market saddar. But only some of them have APC brand which is made in china.

Let me know if you find one because i have been looking for one too. I've been told that they are available at makro but i havent checked there.. I dont know why no one has them specially in times like these when its loadshedding daily

Yeah u r right. I have now checked makro (site area) but they also dont have the APC. My UPS wala (who installed UPS at my home) have APC UPS (500 VS ES) made in Phillipine. I need a 650 vs. What about APC UPS assembled in Phillipine?

Why dont you buy a used one ? I got 1500VA APC for only 10800 4 months back from hafeez Centre Lahore

He's in karachi


I have some APC power supply, such as APC DC rectifier, APC UPS, APC power module (SYMIM2 & SYPM 10KH), all of them are original APC not copy. they are made in UK. if anyone need them pls contact me. I am in China. these APC power items are brand new and 80-90% new.



some for them are brand new, some of them only80-90% new, all are at very favorable price.

guys he is asking me to pay [200 for ups+300 for shipping]500$ USD shipping included

to get a 1000kv 680watts ups which is 2nd hand...

and providesa mere max of 10 minutes of backup


i guess i can get a big ups to support my whole house for 40000 pak rs... which can backup for atleast 2 hours...

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Thanks for your kind letter.

As to the model of UPS you want, I am sorry to tell you that, it's not brand new, it's only 85% new, and the price is USD200, then it don't have the acccessoris as you mentioned, by the way, the shipping cost by EMS is USD300, if you have a better idea for shipping, pls let me know, we can ship them in accord with your shipping way.

Thanks & regards

Timothy Tan


for only one models, then the shipping cost is very high, if for more models shipped by sea, then the cost is much lower,maybe the total cost around USD250.

although this model is 85% new,it worked very well, for more quantity, the cost can be much less than USD200, can be USD150-180.

If you want to backup more time, we can offer the Pure sine wave power inverter together with battery, then you can use any time if you have enough battery. the price is much lower than APC UPS.

original APC smart UPS 1000Va only USD150, 80-90% new.

Off-topic a bit:

Does anyone know the name of the Pakistani company who makes Wet Battery UPS for computers?, or any other Wet Battery UPS available in Lahore which hasn't got a transfer time of hours... (in computer time terms ;) )

Exide. AGS (IIRC).

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Off-topic a bit:

Does anyone know the name of the Pakistani company who makes Wet Battery UPS for computers?, or any other Wet Battery UPS available in Lahore which hasn’t got a transfer time of hours… (in computer time terms ;) )


Well I use MaxPro, formerly maxpower, is not technically made by a Pakistani company its Chinese one sold by a Pakistani company, i thnk metro sells of company called Aurora in their warehouses, mine works gr8 thought dont know abt the other one.

^ This Maxpower:?


And from where and for how much did you got it? I couldn't find anything of the Aurora company you mentioned, and Metro doesn't have a listing of their products on their website :(.

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Exide. AGS (IIRC).

Aren't those battery manufacturers? :/ I was talking about UPS manufacturers.