Apc ups smt750i smart ups charging issue only 3 amps


need help urgent.can anyone help me i bought apc smart ups smt750i with lcd display.its charging current is 3 amps.i tried to calibrate by giving load of 33% then recharging full.but no effect.then i tried to do it by hyperterminal or powerchute.but m unable to do settings.as m unable to get connected by hyperterminal.the ups has only 2 ports (1#usb port-cable which is used with printer and 2#ups monitoring port-ethernet cable).kindly help to reset the constant.and what further settings are required.thanks in advance


dear mansoor … smt models are not meant for longer backups … cuz its constants cannot be compromised … rather thy r used for shorter backup like 5 to 15 minutes … its lcd model but useless with external hi rating batteries … so kindly ask your ups vendor to replace it with led model sua …


thanks .isnt there any way to adjust battery constant setting like the old models had.eg by adjusting constant through hyperterminal one can increase or decrease the charging rate.


no yar there is no other way … thatz y no body buys it unless n until thy want to use it with internal small batteries …


today i just got smart ups smt750i charging increased by a shop in rawalpindi.now its charging at 7 amps.so there is a way to increase amps in all lcd models.just need to work out


this may b a jugar … but u always depend to that guy now … so ya it worked out for u but it ll be always b a pain in ur neck each time …