APC UPS and Battery charging issues..!



Can somebody guide me how to use apcfix software from the laptop which has usb port. I have usb to serial cable which shows COM port 13 whereas apcfix has options from 1 to 4. Thanks in advance.


old topic but need help urgent.can anyone help me i bought apc smart ups smt750i with lcd display.its charging current is 3 amps.i tried to calibrate by giving load of 33% then recharging full.but no effect.then i tried to do it by hyperterminal or powerchute.but m unable to do settings.as m unable to get connected by hyperterminal.the ups has only 2 ports (1#usb port-cable which is used with printer and 2#ups monitoring port-ethernet cable).kindly help to reset the constant.and what further settings are required.thanks in advance