AoA- Internet Connection- Please Advice


I have read this forum & I found it to be very informative. I am planning to come to Pakistan I was wondering if you could advice me in relation to the internet connect.

I am going to be around the Islamabad, Gujar Khan & Dina areas. I’m quite familiar with IT I was told you could not get much better then 56k (PSTN) however I see from reading your forums this is not the case. I require something which is going to be mobile thus using an GRPS/Wireless connection would be best suited for me

I have identified the following service:

ZONG Internet USB Card. Rs.10,000 + 400 Per Month.

I believe this would suit my needs, I don’t have an issue with installing software. My question is really would you recommend this service or is there an alternative (Wireless broadband/Edge Service)? Also realistically what speeds can I accept? Would be signingfilcy faster then a PSTN line?

Furthermore are there any other payment I should be aware of if I decide to go for the above service?

Any advice would be welcome.

I don't trust something which is not tangible, use it on ur own risk/will

However if ur looking for a tangible connection than this forum is filled with PTCL, LDN, and other isps...

Can I suggest something? Zong's GPRS/EDGE speeds fluctuate quite variably during the day. It's dead slow in the evening (6PM onwards, till midnight or so... haven't checked it after midnight), though during the day, it's fairly fast.

That's all I can suggest right now.

go for Telenor Edge

Thanks for the information!

What are the approx costs associated with Telenor Edge?

You will need mobility. You should at least have a look at what PTCL has to offer via Vfone and EVDO.

Wateen Wimax

Wateen Evdo

and nearly all Mobile service provider have EDGE

Wateen doesn't offer EVDO.

PTCL does offer EVDO - but it's limited. Their WLL service - well - the ping times are slow, but it works alright otherwise. In an area with full signal, you can get speeds upto 20 KB/s (not Kb/s). You'll need their handset though, and a computer with a free USB port. The internet is charged at Rs. 6 per hour.

Telenor's EDGE - you're restricted to 2GB download, tops (and it's relatively more expensive, but their GPRS speeds are quite decent throughout the day and night - visit for more info).

Warid - I'm not too sure, but I know many people do use their unlimited GPRS. I don't think it's available on prepaid packages though (only Zong offers unlimited GPRS on prepaid). I don't think they have a limit either (they = Warid).

I had a look at your website, its says 1000 (i presume its rupees) for 1.5gb of data.

thats: 13000rs (for the usb card) & 1000rs per month – is that approx right?

I'm not going to be DL any movies/music thus i think this package would be ample?

Lastly (if someone can advice me) would i have to buy the package first & then the device? Or can I buy both items in one go.

Would you recommend a franchisee or a walk in center?

many thanks for your time.


stay away from wateen! you have been warned.

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Lastly (if someone can advice me) would i have to buy the package first & then the device? Or can I buy both items in one go.

i think u can buy it in one go from the telenor sales and service center.. am not sure.

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Would you recommend a franchisee or a walk in center?

from telenor website:

Franchise Centers (Islamabad)

1-7/N,North Park Plaza, F-10 Markaz,Islamabad

Telenor Franchise Shop No 7&8 70 West Almalik Center Jinnah Avenue Blue Area Islamabad

telenor headoffice is also in islamabad:

Address: 13-K, Moaiz Center, F-7/Markaz

Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone: +92 51 111 345 700

Fax: +92 51 2651923

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I don’t trust something which is not tangible, use it on ur own risk/will

However if ur looking for a tangible connection than this forum is filled with PTCL, LDN, and other isps…


i think LDN is best, you should try, even if you are student then get 30 % Discount further on DSL packages.i got it from Behria University Islamabad.

Many thanks for your information.

@Coolguy, can you stop blatantly pushing users to go for LDN? Everyone who's been reading the LDN thread knows it's facing issues. If it works well for you, then you can recommend it to others but not push it unto them.

@Asim, LDN's performance is flaky. So it PTCL sometimes. If you're going to be in Islamabad, the wisest thing to do is get Micronet (I'm thinking of switching to Micronet as of late). For starters, they're providing double the speed (1Mbps) for the same price (1200); others offer 512Kbps.

As for other areas - I'm not sure if DSL is there, but PTCL DSL would be your next best. You'll just have to ask people how LDN is in their respective areas before you committ to an order.

Go to South Korea. They have, by far, the largest and the latest in Internet World. Even UK and USA is far behind them.

For instance... In UK, only VirginMedia is providing 50MB of connection. But it's only cable connection, not Fiber-to-home. The second in line is 24MB which almost every other company is providing for £20 to £25 per month.

Please checkout this posting, as I used Ufone USB Internet Device in Karachi(home city), Rahim yar khan, multan, faisalabad, vehari, sahiwal and lahore, this may give you some idea.

Go For wateen ...

Ahan....ONly go for wateen friend

There are issues with every ISP one or the way other. My story starts with my dream of having broadband connection so PTCL was my first choice.


As soon as I subscribed it, my old problems in area like telephone wire being broken by high trucks, increase in noise or earth in line after raining, etc - was always a headache. If you complain DSL department will say, it's clear from us contact exchange for line related problems. Even there was a time when I was billed for monthly DSL charges while my line was dead for whole that month, I have two PTCL connections at home and I have to launch complains once a month due to problems in line (now I have made some settings with line man so he comes when I call him at his mobile). But I got fad-up with this and meanwhile Wateen launched first WiMAX in Pakistan.


I ditched PTCL and made a mistake of registering at Wateen website which said register here and our representatives will get in touch - two months nothing happened, no one came and I was without net. Then one of my relative's friend opened a franchise near Water Pump (Karachi) so I requested him to send guys over to my home in Korangi.

When his guys came with device, inside my room it was not catching signals but when he went closer to window it started to catch some weak signals but Internet was working. He said, the service is new but with time it will improve so I shouldn't worry. I purchased the device and it was disaster and worst Internet experience ever.

Meanwhile, Worldcall EVDO was launched. So I again ditched Wateen, asked them to refund my cheques and shove up their device. Not to mention, during this time, I was wrongly billed (some calls to Sri Lanka and UAE were billed to me which were never made), common connectivity problems, their reps also came to my home to help and one of them was very honest and gave me good suggestions.

Worldcall EVDO

I got USB device on first call and it was pre-configured and when I plugged in, it was awesome - an experience I never experienced at home - sometimes by downloads will go up to 124kbps on 256kbps connection (I posted tests and screen shots of download managers in Worldcall threads during Oct/Nov of 2008). Until December there were no issues but by then they had capped the speeds so I wasn't getting above 50kbps in ideal conditions.

Then I upgraded from USB to CDMA wifi router because I had two laptops and one PDA device and mostly all were used at same time by my brother, my sister and me. As time passed, by average download speeds dropped and now ideally I get 35kbps (max.) but mostly something between 4~8kbps in worst and normally 15~28kbps.

Since two months, i.e. May/June of 2009 - this connection became a nightmare in a sense that I would get disconnected from Internet or browsing will stop while control panel in router will show I am still connected, nonetheless, it will require restarting of router and then things will go fine - it sounds fine but it's pain in the a$$ when you restart your router 5 times in one hour and my download speeds reduced drastically to 4~9kbps in worst~ideal conditions.

I started to complain and customer support helpline isn't much different than that of PTCL/Wateen so promises of 24 hrs were made but nothing will happen. Then last week I got pissed off and sent an email to their feedback email address and requested higher management to look into the matters reported in Worldcall thread by many people and specified my case in detail.

Next day, I got a call from Worldcall and their field engineers came - they did something or not but when they were finished doing something through their control panel (on his laptop) - my connection showed download speed of 30~45 kbps (I tried different sites to download and different files) but the speed was dot 30~45kbps and continued till today morning.

Now I am getting variance between 7~35kbps on 256kbps (at the moment sum of 12kbps on ftp/torrent downloads which was about 15 minutes a go a sum of 20~25kbps).

So far, I have wasted a lot of money in different ISPs but given in my location, WC EVDO could be said the best (not the best but the best in my case - hope you can see the difference). Based on my experience, I can conclude that wired connections (e.g. fibre/telephone ADSL based) are the best in terms of performance plus they are cheap as to cost - so I would always recommend anyone to go for wired connection but which ISP?

I can't say as it needs to be looked into on a case to case basis, e.g. in my case, Multinet, Worldcall do not have wired broadband service in my area but for the same money I pay for 256kbps one can easily get 1mb connection.

If someone is not willing to go for wireless broadband, then I would suggest they should, again, look for performance in their area. WiMAX and EVDO are entirely different technology, some of my friends are pissed off with Wateen in Karachi while some in Lahore say they are pleased with it and same is the case with EVDO, my friend in Gulshan-e-Iqbal says it is extremely good (he is also a victim of wateen) and the best he ever had but another friend in Korangi hates Worldcall EVDO and has switched to PTCL EVDO 3 months ago.

I hope my experience and this long post will enable users to make an informed decision. Thanks for taking your time reading this post and please ignore my typos and gramatical mistakes.


Just received confirmation calll from WC rep about satisfaction, I told him currently it's slow download so he said ftp/torrent depend on many factors which was quite logical reply and now my ftp/torrent have are having vairance b/w 15~28kbps.

my experience ...PTCL best...never had less speed then 120Kb/s for months....for just 840Rs. its my case!..believe me i had worse quality issue on my end of copper wire...even the connector on the pole which it is connected to has rusted..n hasn't been replaced for like 7-8years...using this line since 1979...but works fine for me...even smart TV is working smooth on such conditions...not the case wid everyone...but most of the users are satisfied!