Anyone using ufone umail gprs?

i want to subscribe to ufone Umail,but before that i need to know couple of things.

1.what is the actual dl speed on ufone umail edge?

2.are p2p softwares allowed to download?

3.if umail has unlimited gprs,then why ufone says that it has no any ulimited gprs package?

I m not sorry.............. & No Idea......

Dont confuse with Umail Edge or Umail GPRS.

Umail doesn't provide unlimited GPRS access. Umail is named after a package that is offered by Ufone as you know. but Umail is just a package to provide you unlimited email access on the GO. (but not the GPRS unlimitedly along with Umail)

Ufone was offering once their unlimited GPRS packages only on its Postpaid Plans. now they still have it but not very unlimited.

Now Ufone is offering their very unlimited GPRS usage package to its Blackberry customers. with the name of Blackberry Internet Solutions.


sory my friend u r very much wrong.........

umail is a package provided for those ufone users who wana check emails on the go

it has unlimited data download and download speed upto 22kB/s

but no streaming aloowed

^read carefully please but Umail is just a package to provide you unlimited email access on the GO.....

second line at the end....

May i please...!

- Well Ufone's Umail is unlimited GPRS/EDGE package, just like Zong's unlimited or Mobilink's unlimited.

- Package is for Ufone Postpaid customers only

- Speed is satisfactory, but not that dynamic

- Price is Rs. 650 + 143 as tax, total = 793

You need to activate Umail, as they will send you new GPRS/ MMS setting for Umail account.

For more information call 333 : - )

^I can be satisfied with yours as It was a package when I used it once.

and may be still it is. but I heard that it was obsoleted. and transfered to Blackberry packages. and for current postpaid customers there are some new packages being introduced.

any ways great if still it is.