Anyone using U-Fone Internet


Hi Friends,

Friends is there anyone who is using the U-fone internet service. I want to get information about their internet packages.

They claim downloading speed on edge of approximately, 60 to 80 KBPS. Is it really true? Or they are just making this claim for advertising purposes.....

Please give me some info regarding this matter.

With regards


downloading speed on edge depends on several things like mobile set, distance from tower, density of users in the area etc...

I used to use UFone on my laptop via Nokia N-73 and downloading speed never exceeded from 35KBps for me in lahore. I was satisfied with it though....


yep the speed would be around 30-40 kbps and it would be the maximum you can get on ufone edge.



I am using Zong GPRS but the downloading speed is too low. it is only 5 to 7 kbps. And it costs me 300 rupees per month.

I think U-Fone will be good in this regard, What are the U-fone package with unlimited downloading??

I have a USB modem in which sim of any network can be used, if U-fone is going to provide good services then I should use U-fone rather Zong....


Wajid Vfone internet is a night mare ..keep 1020 miles away from it.


(@ kODER)m asking about ufone not vfone man....


^He's giving you warning.