Anyone use solar power here?


Can you post how much did it cost and whats your experience with it so far..


lol in pakistan? good luck finding one


I have not seen anyone using solar systems on residential or small commercial scale in Pakistan, dont know about rest. but I agree with ammarmalik2008 "good luck finding one"


Yeah, but dunno about the cost. The experience is good. It's installed at my office/work place and is used for charging a UPS which powers at least 5 PCs and other stuff. The panel on the roof is pretty big, i.e. it is noticeable and visible even from some distance.


which office do you work in?

but you can always google about it


Solar power available and last time some one who invovled in making solar power instrument told me the cost about rs. 500,000/- and about 2kv.

I will try to search thier phone number and post here.