Anyone interested?

Xyber 3D Studios - is officially going Non - Profit.

For those who don't know what Xyber 3D Studios is.

Xyber 3D Studios is a 2 year old Graphic Designing Company. Runned over time with a few money making individuals, until the ideology changed to NON-Profit and we are going Non-Profit now. The reason behind going Non-Profit is that we will be helping awareness groups worldwide to establish a web presence with bare minimum internet Knowledge. Free of Cost (Domain Charges Only).

The hosting and the Web Designing Services would be provided by our team. All for a good cause, and nothing monetary.

The reason for posting this is just to hire volunteers in this service. We won't be doing any commercial works. Those can be done on other platforms, other than Xyber 3D Studios, we won't mind. You may also use this platform to make long term clients, we won't mind that either, unless you keep this platform clean of your business activities. Our clients websites would be hosted on our hosting (in the process of getting one soon) and we will get our firm registered as Non-Profit Soon too.

What I am looking for?

- Programmers (PHP, HTML, ASP, Cold Fusion, SQL etc.)

- Designers (Flash, Photoshop, AI etc.)

- Management Individuals (Long Term Client Dealing)

Basically Enthusiasts, with a little time to this company. Nothing Long term. Students are preferred.

You have any questions, please feel free to PM me personally.

As for me I myself, am a Graphic Designer (Don't work for money Policy). And you can view my portfolio at Hamza Shams Portfolio


Hamza Shams

Title of this thread should be "Anyone care?" :P

I already have alot of work to do... but i might just be interested in your non-profit website as a logo designer.

So if you're interested, let me know.

@ wampyr - Mind your own things please.

@ Ultimate - Sure. I'll PM you as soon as we start up in June.