Anyone in Kashmir can help me?

Everytime i come to pakistan AJK, i have to leave my computer behind, and i have never seen any Computer shops were i am. it's pretty hard to find a computer. Now that i am coming again, i found out this forum and would like some info, were could i get a decent computer in AJK? even rent or borrow one? or even a place were i could get my hands on some decent parts so i could build one myself. i'm going to be in chokswari, near mirpir in AJK.

anyone from around that area??

and what is the price of storage devices over there, like a 500GB hard drive? wanted to get some games and transfer them onto there so i could bring them back with me.

Why not get a laptop? That would be far more convenient and you can attach external storage via USB.

i got a laptop, but it isnt that powerful, plus befor i leave people always want me to give my stuff to them, like i'm rich, and i know my relatives would want me to give the laptop to one of them. the only thing i'm worried about with the laptop is that it would probably overheat since the cpu hits 80C over hear.