Anybody Know How To Work This Remote?



I recently came into possession of a cable

tuner box which works with this remote. I

have been trying to tune channels and to

re-arrange them in order of my liking, but

all I have ended up doing is to remove the

channels that were already tuned-in.

A long time back, I used to have a cable

box with such a remote. In order to tune

channels, you had to push a combination

of keys which then transformed the volume

and channel buttons into frequency up/down

buttons. I have since forgotten how to do it.

Does anybody know how to work this thing,

before I put it away in a closet ?. It's getting

on my nerves...




Sheikh 'Click Click... Arghh!' Chilli


it will work when you insert the batteries


It's working alright, just not doing what I want

it to do! Like I said, I have managed to ERASE

some of the channels which were auto tuned

into it.

It's just a diabolical thing. That all. Maulvi saab

kou bulana paray ga ab tau.




Sheikh 'Evil, Be Gone!' Chilli


you should take it to tv repair guy or who is in the field, i think you will find someone who will fix the tune thing.


[quote=", post:, topic:"]

it will work when you insert the batteries

hehe do you really think he is that dumb to not insert the batteries?


^ hehe i just read his topic line not whole post sorry


just keep trying with trial and error and you may get it right.

My friend got a digital camera for a bargain which was in chinese language. In a few weeks he could operate it as if it was in english :)


Poor remote.Bro try to use the scan button


Thanks G.a.m.e, but that's the button that

I have tried using and it has been erasing all

my tuned channels... one by one.




Sheikh 'Its Evil I Tell Ya!' Chilli


see this website if you could find instructions for your remote


Just search for the instruction manual of the tunerbox on the net, it will tell you how to use the remote =)