Anybody in karachi interested in trading movies

so i am interested in trading movies (iam in karachi)>>i have a dvd writer so that will makes things easier>>i am in karachi and here is a short list of the movies i have

Hitchcock Collection

North by North West, birds

To catch a thief, marine

Dial m, frenzy

Rebecca, trouble wit Harry

Rear window, torn curtain

Star wars

Empire strikes back

Return of Jedi

Pink panther collection

History of violence

X files season 1-4

Saving Private Ryan

Bourne identity

Bourne supremacy

Bourne ultimatum

Face off

Japan movies


Sonatine, Battle royal

Hong Kong 1941, In the mood for love

Mr. Bean collection

21 grams

Friday after next


Usual suspects

Good will hunting

Batman begins


4 weddings and a funeral

Kevin Costner collection


Tin cup


Next Friday


Marilyn Monroe collection



7 yr itch

Layer cake

Robert Denero collection

Analyze this 1-2,

Meet the parents 1-2


Harry potter 1-5

Tom cruise collection 1

Minority report,

Top gun


A Few good men

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Lord of ring 1-3

Seinfeld documentary

Seinfeld season 1-9

King Kong

Eddie Murphy collection

48 hrs pt 1-2,


Roman holiday

Pierce Bronson collection

Robinson Crusoe,

Thomas crown affair

After sunset

Laws of attraction, matador

She’s the man

Friday pt 1

50 first dates


Wedding singer

Bruce Willis collection

6th sense


Die hard 1-3

Transporters 2

Anthony 2 im (French)

Leon the professional

Scar face

Ice age

Road trip

Slazenger collection

Predator, Last action hero

True lies, running man

Terminator 1

Rambo pt 1

Living daylight

Broken arrow

Ali g. and Jackass collection.



Mean girls

Lost in translation

Jodie Foster collection

Inside Man.

Flight plan, contact

Panic room, maverick

Leonardo collection


Children collection

March of penguins, Monster house, cars

Ant bully, barnyard

VIN diesel collection

Fast and furious, 1, 3




Grudge 2

Paris Hilton TV series

Scream 1-3

Urban legends 1-2

Aliens 1, 2, 4

Clint Eastwood collection


Where eagles dare


Constant Gardner

Layer cake

Ice age 1-2

Reservoir dogs

Taxi 3

Van Helsing

Finding Nemo

Behind enemy lines

Chronicles of Riddick

Kill bill vol. 2

Euro trip

Keanu collection


Devils advocate, Chain reaction

Walk in the clouds, Sweet November

this is only 10 % of the movies that i have on dvd

if interested please post a list that you have as well

hmmm well a i got syriana and citizen also >>>do u have a more complete list of movies that u have pls post

and let me see if i can find the movies that u like in my collection

....because Rs. 50 DVDs are not cheap enough?

raza>>actually i was looking for hard to find dvds like the Thomas crown affair >>the original 70s version which i was able to trade>>

hey jack, im intrusted in trading movies, i too download and burn them on dvd-r's, if u intrusted or if this thread active then let me know we can sort something out additionally I've been trying to email u but hard luck dont hav ur address anyway mine is

i just emailed you check it out ,