Any website offering file hosting for BLOGSPOT?

can anyone recommend a website for free file hosting to be used for posting files on my blog?

i am in search of a hosting site which provides direct links for unlimited time and allows unlimited downloads preferrably.

i guess no one gonna allow you free file hosting services, why some one would give your direct link hosting. for nothing..

yeah if you want services like rapidshare with no restriction then i can offer. :)

Yup no one will give you true direct download service. so if you are going for rapidshare then better use

direct link for free........LOL


i can give you 100MB space with 1 GB bandwidth for direct link downloading per month :)


then what are we waiting for

lets do it

when and how can i get this free 100mb?

Account has been created.

100Mb space

10GB bandwidth (650KBS) Maximum flow.

Check your E-mail- Inbox.


you may get a premium account with 50 GB space and 500 GB bandwidth.




50GB for?

will it be on

How I advertise My Blog?

Plz Guide me how i Use adsense Step by step

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50GB for?

will it be on


nope at my own server

Email me for a trail account.