Any way to set specific volume to a specific music track?


>>Any way to specify volume to a specific music track in any media player??


well i can speeak of itunes. yes you can set a separate volume for each tract in itunes.


i'm looking for something similar.

It really feels annoying (and hurting) when you setup a playlist of songs, where one of the songs has extra oridnarly high volume) and as soon as that song is played (while u'r listening via headphones) your ear-drums face the most crushing sound ever.

I want to set something like a 'universal' db level or something, that'll bring down all 'heavy, high volume songs' to the similar volume lever, specially when played in a p-list.


^media monkey has that feature i think but never personally tried it


Media Monkey is da Truth for music Loverz.Just search Google for tutorial


YOu need a multiband compressor. Search for it.

Not all multiband compressors are worth using, as they introduce a rather harsh sound.

PS: do a search on Wiki for a better idea on what multiband compressors are. I've been using one for ages. You don't need a hardware-based compressor; software-based compressors are available for Winamp.


PS: an automatic gain control (AGC) is NOT the same as a multi-band compressor. You can hear the volume decreasing dramatically in an AGC, while in a multband compressor, the volume change isn't really prominent.

And AGC = single band.


>>I tried MediaMonkey. Have a lot of features, for which it will take 1 month to know dem! :/

>>Sticking wid Windows media player 11


You can try the preset autoloading feature of WinAMP. Use the preAmp slider to lower the volume of songs with loud music and then save the preset.


Here You Go CoolRizzzi


Winamp's pre-amp feature introduces lots of clipping and distortion. I'd rather use another single-band compressor.


^ That happens only if you use it to increase the volume. Thats why I said to use it to lower the volume only. That way, the volume will appear leveled for all the songs.


No it doesn't. It's a linear volume control i.e. the volume change applies throughout the track... think of it like this:

If the volume can be increased, it'll be increased so long as the bass isn't excessive (and when it is, the volume jumps down).

If the volume level is set below the mean, it'll apply a uniform effect on the whole track (i.e. the whole track will be lower in volume, and not just the loud parts).

Multiband compressors use compression and limiting techniques to lower just the LOUD parts and make it equal with the rest of the sound. That's why they make it sound constant.

And to top it off, do you know what good radio stations and TV stations use the world over? (hint: see this post). That's why they sound (1) loud, and (2) consistent.


Check They have a proper multiband compressor (and a bunch of other tools with the bundle called Ozone) for around ~ $250. There's a free version (heavily stripped down) on their site too.


Omg haven't u guyz heard of or seen Auto Volume Leveling in Windows Media Player ? It is very effective unless u have a really bad audio file.

and u can also try the very popular ac3filter


Hasn't ANYONE heard of a multiband compressor? Gosh! Go check Wikipedia's entry on multiband compression. You'll know that's much better than the linear compressors used in these programs!


I have recently installed 'Breakaway Audio Enhancer' and it's really working fine. It has a multiband compressor and you can set the volume of all sounds out of your sound card to a specific dB level.

Try it, it will do the job