Any special power supply for SATA drives?

salam to all

please let me know that if we have an old power supply in a old motherboard system which was having only IDE drives and was not supported the SATA drivres and later we upgraded the motherboard (tht supports the SATA drives too)and processor only and didnt change the power supply and using the SATA drives with the connectors from IDE to sata , so please let me know is this OK to use as i m getting bad sectors often in the drives. OR there is any new power supply available with the SATA output connectors , and is there any voltage difference in tht new power supply for sata ? or the same as previous one i m using this time ??

i m using this connector at this time in my 2 sata HDD

No, You don't need a special PSU for sata (There is no such thing). You just need an extra cable to connect to the PSU and Drive.

Which PSU do you have?

Do you have a UPS?

Are you sure its not a Software problem?

What are your complete Sys Specs?

How long have you used it?

yes a UPS imported one , no fluctuations issue , also a stabilizer , imported one with servo motor not a relay one, E2140 processor , d945GCCR mobo , 2 sata drives 500gb seagate , 320 gb WD , one ide 120 gb seagate, wireless lan , dvd writer sony , 2 gb ram ddr2 , no pci / agp graphix accelerator.

SATA drive come with their own power cable...the other end attaches to the normal power plug thingies in your comp (like the one that powers the cd drive)

yes i know about those but i m just asking that weather we need any special power supply to host the sata drives or not , ok got th eanswer that the ordinary PSU is ok to fulfil the power requirements that sata drives need.

thanks for every one.