Any Relaible Conputer shop in Lahore

Hi All,

Looking to buy a motherboard under 5000, a cpu under 6000 and 2 gb branded memory.

Can anybody suggest a shop in Lahore that has good prices, honest in dealing and has good repute for warranties?

I buy from Galaxy but they are out of motherboards.

Highly appreciate the help :)

Many thanks

do u want to buy Conputer or Computer ;)

Galaxy is a nightmare in terms of warranty as they deal in grey market. If you wanna buy from them forget the warranty. I personally suffered a hard blow from them!

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do u want to buy Conputer or Computer ;)

offcourse CoNputer :P

Does any body have any idea if there are some good old honest and fair dealing shops in Lahore?

Common guys havent you bought anything in years?

Alflah Computers Hafeez Centre. May be not the best but there prices are reasonable plus there warranty repute is fine. Its on 1st floor..

I have bought computer from lahore only once few years ago, but from the person i bought was very helpful and knowledgeable. His name was Khuwaja M.Hussain. Here is his address

Elite Computers,

30, 2nd Floor,

Hafeez Centre,

Main Boulevard,

Gulberg Lahore.

Ph: 5754046

Visit Mushko Office at Centre Point. GulbergIII.

or Comspsi Display Centre, New Garden Town Lahore.

i haerd that at kalma chowk and global computers at hafeez centr are also good choice in this regard. But please be noted that i havent dealt with any of both. i have just heard from ma friends.