Any NBA fans here?


The playoffs here, any NBA fans lurking around here? If so, how do you plan on keeping up with the playoffs this year? Lots of coffee and nocturnal sleeping habits?

I'll hopefully be watching the playoffs on ESPN India + Streaming Internet Broadcasts via

If you know of ANY place where you can see the NBA playoffs on TV, please do tell =)

edit: oh yeah, GO RAPS GO!


Nope, ever played gilli danda on a hot summer noon?


I'm a big fan of playing basketball, though I don't follow it on TV.

I have a bad back, so I don't play anymore, but it was/is my favorite sport. It's getting increasingly popular in all the larger cities, with numerous tournaments taking place at the school/college and inter city level.


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I notice a lot of basketball hoops in peoples drive ways these days, I am looking to get one myself, but lack the appropriate space right now. Love basketball because its one of those games that you can play by yourself and enjoy, the basics, like golf, are simple but hard to master.


you can watch nba play-offs on star sports


they only broadcast a game a day, and the Pakistani version of Start Sports substitutes cricket instead of basketball quite often. The indian version of Start Sports carries select games as does ESPN india.

#8 FTW! ever since I found out about that life has become so better. Can never rely on cable wallas and besides that you'll find every single sport on it.. it's awesome :)

to the topic, it's been a while since I actually followed the NBA..but I really like all the three Texan teams..but Mavs is on the top! I hope the Rockets can make a comeback from 2-0 down.


Mavs are being eaten alive....Lakers are my favorite to come out the west, its been a while since we had some Kobe-time in the playoffs...the man is a on an absolute tear.

Look to see a nice match up between Boston and Detroit, my Raptors don't have a chance against The Beast Howard...although I still don my Bosh jersey for the game :P

How has worked for you darth ducky? The basketball streaming has been choppy at best on my 1 Mb/s connection...


What I'm really looking forward is for Rockets vs Lakers [only if the rockets make it through though..haha whatever happened to them?!] Lakers is a one man's either Kobe or it's no one, but that man is just amazing. It was fun seeing Rockets beat them up last month and go on the top of the Western Conference. Until Celtics taught them a lesson? haha.. What do you say? Celtics gonna win?

Bosh is a beast himself! But chance for the Raptors IMHO :P I never really liked them, sorry.

Well, the basketball stream was a bit jerky last month.. I just barely managed to see the Celtics beating of the Rockets, I haven't really tuned in to see any match in the last couple of weeks. I'll let you know how it goes if I see any match. Very awkward timings.


I hate the green machine..