Any internet online jobs for data entry available


i am new here and i was wondering if anyone around here knows any sites where they give you genuine data entry jobs and dont ask for money upfront. I have been to all the websites who are basically scams and dont give you any work after getting their payment. I hope that dear friends in this forum would like to help me since i have lost my job in the resession and would dearly like to make some decent money till i get a real job.

thanks in advance. pakistan largest online jobs site

I wud also recommend as well as for ur search..! Also Read the Daily Jang Newspaper of Each Sunday....! U will get that kind of job soon bcoz each week...i saw a lot of data entry jobs there....Probably in the Jang of last week too.......!

AOA ..

Brother I know its not the answer of your question ... but it shalll help you search job in different Pakistani and foreign NewsPapers ...

May Allah the Almighty Favour your (ameen) .

i really dont know

Check out the of 19th of April....I saw the jobz of Data Entry Operators there..!

thanks a lot for all those who have replied to me.

Im still searching....