Any ideas about custom duties on items bought online?

I bought a Nvidia graphics card online. It never occured to me that i will have to pay for custom duties once the items reach here. Any ideas as of what kind of costs should i expect?

anything from 100% to 500% and dont be surprise if its 1000%

Last I heard there was no custom duties on computer products and then a 15 % duty was imposed in form of GST. However it all depends on the mood of the customs officer, you might get away with it or get a heft duty imposed on it.

I have ordered the same item several times and one time the duty was Rs. 2500 on a 10000 product and the other time it was Rs. 450. Genereally it's always better to buy from the same country you live in even if you're getting it cheaper from abroad. Warranty issues, lack of postage etc.

But wait ? Are you in Pakistan ? You location reads Sydney ?

^ Can you argue with them if they impose too much duty on the products? All of them have an invoice so they should charge accordingly. The duty should be very affordable, but i often hear horror stories of being charged too much for custom.

Corrected my location, forgot to change it