Any Guru of computer can solve this prob?

when ever i log on to this website

then reply come

Dear User, If you are behind a firewall or within a company local area network (LAN), you will need to open outgoing TCP connections to Port 51215 on your proxy server.

i am using wirless modem no networking and not having any server so please guide me in simple way thanx

^ What is wireless modem?

Mean to say i am using dsl modem + wireless router....

tell us the exact model , u need to forward you port

^ Ali3333

If you are using DSL Modem + Router then you have LAN. You need to open port (forward port) in router or use NAT (if Router allows it).

Tell us you DSL Modem model and Router's name model.

Just visit They will guide you along.

i am having ( speedtouch 585 ) in my home and i have us robotics acces point ( modem +router) in my office........

You are not using NAT. Try to configure your network to use NAT, not a proxy server.

i dont know what is NAT... can u tell me in detail ?

Dear Ali,

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