Any Free Email Service that allows 100+mb attachments?

Yahoo & other famous email services allows max 10mb attachments.

The max attachment support i know is that provides upto 50mb attachments.

I know many email services that even supports attachments in gb's but they are not free.

Is there any free email service that provides attachment support upto 100mb or more?

Please dont post if you yourself dont know!

^ This is NOT what i am looking for.

I am looking for a email service provider, which gives me my email adress, allows 100mb or larger file attachments & keeps attachments as is forever until deleted by sender or reciever.

Please refrain from posting unneeded information/text on this thread.

Upload Your File On Megaupload And send it directly to the recepient :)

^ WTH! dont you guys understand? :/

hafsooo & shoxee: You both are just trying to increase your posts, nothing else.

You guys please refrain from posting on my threads. OK.

^ well its not the matter of increasing posts its the matter of helping one another...... and by the way now i know what u really want so wont post at this thread again..... we both just tried to help u out some way or the other but now realy understand what u want............... so chill

Split 100 MB into 10 MB rars and then attach them


It seems i ain't gonna find any such site any soon so i'll use till then.

i wud advise u to upload files @

cuz they have the best service...

the downloads start instantly....

This is great website....thnx for sharing friend