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Hey im havin a prob in ma throat...sort of iching..heads feelin heavy too...seems like i'll lose ma taste buds sense in few hours...slight flue symptoms though...any cure....i don wana go to doc..cuz im a bit busy n tangled up wid work....PLZ CURE IT

visit and search, it might help.

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Hey im havin a prob in ma throat…sort of iching…heads feelin heavy too…seems like i’ll lose ma taste buds sense in few hours…slight flue symptoms though…any cure…i don wana go to doc…cuz im a bit busy n tangled up wid work…PLZ CURE IT

If it’s flu then there is no cure for it because anti-biotic doesn’t work on viruses. Take off time from work. Get as much rest you can for next couple of weeks. Do not go to work or school/college to prevent spreading virus to other people. Take warm fluids (soups etc.) and vitamin C.

More emphasis on rest; surfing net, watching TV or reading book isn’t rest. Lie in bed and rest. Flu virus will complete it cycle before your body can takeover the virus.

By the way, it’s always a better idea to checkup with your doctor. Just to make sure that you do have flu, nothing else.


Acute Viral Pharyngitis.

Treatment as described by wampyr. Take as much fluid as you like, rest. For some prescription go to a Doctor.

Well when ever I use to have this type of problem I used to get 2 arinac 25 mg tablets with tea at night and sleep.

But its better to do as described by wampyr and do visit the Doctor.


eat a popsicle xD

it will cure itself!!dont worry...


arinac and panadol will work...

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arinac and panadol will work…

@Alif you cant take Arinac and Panadol at a time as it will counts as over dose … because Arinac take care for all thing fever and flu , Allergies etc etc but Panadol is only for fever and cold.

Only Arinac is Good to handle


haan, you are right actually, panadol is usually given in high fever of course, in difficult times where you have to rely on self-medication. This Ramazan, I took both at the time and I did not get to take doctor's medicine. By the way, recently, we lost our gurrya, just because of this virul infection. So, take these tablets at home but if no cure then MUST Visit to your physician...

Panadol Extra is good for flu. It has caffeine in it to increase heart rate.

But nothing beats good fluids and rest. That's the best remedy.

Please have the good sense to not take medical advice from random strangers on an online forum. If you have a medical problem, seek the counsel of a qualified physician. Closing thread (for your own good...).