Any body knows where to report about websites etc?

salam all

any one knows where to report of those websites / blogs etc those having flaring material and / or material against the govt etc ?

if so please let me know.

You want to report WP? :rolleyes:


no way

Whats your intention?

Which site do you want to report, if you tell us we might help you close it down.

Also, know this, you cannot shut down any sites, even if they have flaring material, including:

. Anti-religious sites (Islam, christianity, Buddism, etc)

. Sites where Exs post their BF/GFs pics, and humiliate them

. Anti-political sites

. Anti-tech sites (Hate for certain gadgets like the N series)

. Anti-Celebrity sites

. Paparazzi sites

. Fake news sites

. Propaganda sites


For some reason they all come in Freedom of speech. Only Govt agencies can stop/block/kill these sites.

yes i know . got the address thanks

Could you provide a link?