Anti-keylogger or anti-spy software


I am looking for a software that could help me identify or catch any SPY software on my work station.

I have recently started noticing some minor changes.

But now I am confident, some thing is fishy.

The software installed on my Pc must be a keylogger or snapshooter.

Guys help me out.

Good & Free Antispyware (also covers keyloggers):

External Anti-keylogger:

^yes! I didn't find any key-logger that was not captured by any good popular anti virus/anti spyware.

hmmmm! I need key-logger :rolleyes: that can by pass kaspersky,mcafee, nortron, avg, avira, and like wise.

any ways

@/\ /\/ /\ /\/\

if you are not satisfied with any of the softwares and you think you are confident that they are not protecting you. then you must use ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall. I hope you will be satisfied with that. a firewall can give a clear idea about the inbound and outbound traffic and block any thing you want.

i am using sysgate firewall and i liked it i used zone alarm firewall too but i does the same thing but eat more resources

so sysgate is another option too