Anononymous surfing

I know this has been posted here but I just cannot locate it. I need to know the website from where you can surf the web anyonymously. I want to watch US videos but it will not let me as I have local IP. I do not want to install any proxy SW. I wanted an online solution.

By the way are such sites secure? If I surf the web using these site to cloak me, then are the passwords that I have typed secure?

Thanks for the help guys.

Download a tor browser (XeroBank Browser), and set the US IP from an IP listing site.

^^^ thanks but I do not want to install anything. I need an online that i can use on any computer.

Like there used to but that site in more active :(

try this

try !

There is a portable version of Xerobank Browser, put it on a usb and then access it on any computer, if USBs are enabled that is.