An old p3 motherboard i have is getting oxidized,

i have an old old p3 motherboard and it is getting oxidized around where the processor goes in..

the board is givin me some problems....

anybody has any idea how to get rid of the oxidation???

Leave it in its condition! Man its your chance to study the process of oxidation, maybe you come out of something from it.

You can firstly try cleaning out dust by blower. There is another idea from me but USE IT ON YOUR OWN RISK , you can try rinsing it with ALCOHOL.

Other wise go to some expert's computer hardware shop and ask him to clean the motherboard don't say him any thing about Oxidation or he will become Scientists and ruin your board. :D Happy trying my sick suggestions!

WD40 :D ...

Spray it ... leave for 5 mins ... dry off real good!

^ agree :)

WD40 :D

yea WD40 works for such stuff well...but u have to dry it is a conductor in case of electronics...