AMD processors for sale

hi, i got a couple of amd processors for sale

amd socket 754 2800 64bit

amd socket 462 2000

amd socket 462 3200

make an offer

hi kamran

what's the part number for the socket 754 cpu?

are these bare cpu's or do they have a heatsink+fan?

what city are you in?



i am from karachi, the 754 has heat sink not thew other 2

ADAAA2800ACN5 i think

sorry, that part number doesn't match any of the list of socket 754 sempron's. would you please take another look, and post the code stamped on the part?.

i'm in lahore, do you have a friend who will act as the go-between if we have a sale?



its not a sempron its an athlon 64bit

Aaabb 0248xpaw



The cpu code is good. You have a pre-production release athlon with a slightly slower clock speed than the regular production model. Before I make an offer on the cpu bundle, would you please tell me if you know anyone in Lahore who may act as a go-between for the transaction? I'm not going to be in Karachi in the near future and I'd want to run a POST just to make sure the cpu is okay. I'd also like you to feel assured that you'll get payment promptly if we have a sale.

Your thoughts?