Akacity.com blog network (having 19 blogs and over 5000 posts)

Akacity.com (http://www.akacity.com) is a network of 19 blogs containing over 5000 posts.

The website is optimized to allow maximum number of adsense ads but at the same time, does not distracts the visitor from the content.

How it works?

The website is dependent on RSS feeds of different sites and it fetches the blog posts automatically. It is 100% legal because every post is linked to the original site and credits are given.

More blogs can be added easily and it will take less than 2 minutes to add a blog and configure it with RSS feeds.

Domain name AkaCity.com

The domain name is registered till October 2009.

What is included

This bid includes all the source code of the site, database, images and any other related files plus the domain name.

Where it can be shipped/delivered

The delivery will be electronically. So, the site can be sold to anyone in Pakistan or in any part of the world.

Payment Mode

The payment will be through Escrow.com because it is safe for both buyer and seller.

7 days free technical support (through email and phone) will be given to help you to install this website on your server.

The asking price is Rs.15000 or the highest offered price.

To avoid spam, I can't give my email address or phone number on public forum. If you are interested, please send private message so that I can give my contact info.