Agricutural/farm land in Pakistan

I am a new member on the forum and would like to get sincere advice to buy agricutural/farm land in Pakistan either in Sind or Punjab. Can anyone help to find me a contact. I am currently living out of the country and Insha Allah will be moving back soon.

How much GBs or TBs of land you wanna buy :P

Dude its wiredpakistan or agripakistan

^ lol.. Man how can we tell us by sitting here in our houses . There is lots of available land in sindh. Try Google Earth. ;)

bro i will prefer a land in gawadar ......i

i think you can have a look at punjab. especially in Gujranwala/Gujrat region. If you are looking for good agirculture land.

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How much GBs or TBs of land you wanna buy :P

Dude its wiredpakistan or agripakistan


Dude its “General Discussion” forum, so what difference does it make? are you trying to be cute here? get a life.

Oh yes it is good business to have agricultural land and dont pay any tax.

you have not stated where you are thinking to live in pakistan and what fruits or vegitables you are thinking to grow. in pakistan there are consultant for buying land in cites. havnt heard of consultant for argicultural land its not in my knowledge


I'm mainly ineterested in crops like, corn or wheat so the land has to be able to be cultivated. It would be nice to see if there are any brokers dealing with agri land. Not being in the country makes it even harder to search for such a service.

get some land in






to me these areas form the backbone of wheat and cotton produce of Pakistan especially the VEHARI district. moreover, these are relatively peaceful areas where you only have to confront with local villagers for day to day problems involved in doing agri business in Pakistan.

i'm ready to sale 90 acres, 18-25 lakhs per acer :D.

^ You have 90 acres? :/


It's good for you have family background of Jagidari (agricultural landlord) and knows how to handle farming land in Pakistan, if not then don't even think about to put a foot in it.

Secondly, come to Pakistan, visit rural areas, get someone who knows about crop-land (agricultural land) and get first-hand opinions from owners. Then decide what to do.

Indeed, most of us (users of are living in cities and our main enthusiasm is about technology (computer related stuff). I am afraid that hardly anyone of us have knowledge about technology about agriculture.

You are shouting for help in wrong crowd. It's like someone ask here about medical opinion on cancer therapy. :)


dude.. "Abba jie say mango ga :P"


Beleive it or not. i'm from a pind "100% paindoo, ;), so no doubt, wiredpakistan has a paindoo member :P"

^ I confirm that. He is paindoo. Not in a bad sense.

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Beleive it or not. i’m from a pind “100% paindoo, ;), so no doubt, wiredpakistan has a paindoo member :P”


Then someday, I’ll be in your pind to eat sarso ka saag and maki ki roti with desi makhan (non-salted) and lassi. I get water in my mouth just mentioning it :D

Hey, these days you can get it in cities too but I heard fresh mustard greens have more flavor :)

Yeah sure. What are you waiting for? Come, get a ticket to Gujranwala, I’ll be there on the bus stand to receive you.

South Punjab is the most famous agirculture land in pakistan specially cotton from bahawalpur district is at top in pakistan so i will suggest this area to you, i am also related to this profession.

You can also visit Multan, Bahawalpur and Rahim yar khan to buy agirculture land and these are very peacefull areas and local villagers are also very helpfull and labour is also available here.

For those of you who reminded me this is a technical forum, I appreciate that since by profession I am an electrical engineer (an NEDian). I thank all of you who have given me some directions regarding the areas where I should be looking for land. I still request if someone can find a broker who can give me an idea of price per acre before I make a trip to Pakistan.


for wheat southern or central punjab is a better choice

but it depends on where you want to live

you should visit the area before buying personally