ADSL 2 MODEM without Router function for PTCL


I will like to buy any cheap ADSL 2+ modem for PTCL. It should have ethernet connection & should work with PPPoE protocol. I have ZTE 380 but could not configure it as simple modem without router functionality. I have another wireless router but that can't be used as modem.

Where can i get DSL modem from rawalpindi & price range.




hope it helps.

You need to make a bridge connection

ZTE modem is already bridged. it gives me local 192.168.1.x ip. I want public IP on my Wireless router not 192.168.1.x IP.

I don't know how to turnoff router functionality in ZTE.



Turn Modem's DHCP off

Turn Router's DHCP ON

Keep Modem in BRIDGE Mode

Give Static LAN IP for Modem in your Router

Connect Modem's Ethernet port to Router's WAN port (via RJ45 Cable)

It should be as simple as that.

The rest you can work out... if u are familiar with networking.

As already said I don't want Static/dynamic LAN IP on my WLAN router. I want that ZTE give/pass me public IP address to my Fritz Box WLAN router, so that I don't have to portforwart from ZTE to FritzBox WLAN router. I am already surfing with WLAN Router. I just want to turn off Router funtionaltiy in ZTE because ZTE router is not forwarding connection from Outside to my Fritz Box.

I want that my Fritz box have total control of Routing and ZTE should be dumb Modem. By turning off DHCP in ZTE does not turn off ZTE Router function.