Accessing CPE behind the Router WRT54G series

I gotta fix an other one.

I am no more able to access the CPE when put the router in between. But the network is pretty fine inside.

Please consider that the following structure is with a Static IP from ISP that has subnet mask of another class than the local IP series.

this is what the scenario now. with the router.

With Router WRT54G2


Previously Without Router

in following structuer the first PC was able to access CPE directly on because of the additional IP/subnet was added in eithernet 1 connected with CPE.


If I understood your problem correctly, it seems like a simple IP conflict. Your router and CPE have the same IP of, am I correct? If so, just access your router, and change its IP to something like That way, when you use, your network should access the CPE, and when you use, it should access the router.


CPE on

Router on



inner lan is on bad. I missed the .15 in the CPE IP!

mmmmm It's my bad tooo..... :)

Put your CPE in 10.0.0.x and your internal network/WRT on the 192.168.0.x IP addresses.

Assign a static IP in the range 10.0.0.x to the WRT from the CPE.


CPE ( => WRT (static assignment from CPE: (WRT address: => Clients (through static or DHCP assignment).

I can not serve internet if I do so.

because when wateen gives us the Static IP then the DHCP server on CPE doesn't actually work after on. and our computer is not assigned any IP from the CPE. So I have to configure that static IP in my computer's TCP/IP settings like below.


you can see one WAN static IP. that is enough to serve internet on the PC and other shared PCs from here.

but to access CPE one more IP you can see in above settings. that is then required to communicate with CPE.

and now below is the version when I transfered this headache to the Router.


hidden IP address is just the same now as in the 1st image in TCP/IP settings.

you can also see LAN/WAN Configuration on the CPE on the following URLs



On more thing, I tried any way just for a check as you said.

in LAN configuration in CPE as you see in image url. IP and leasing from IP that is set to router. but the same problem The router is not just listening to the CPE any more. it's required to put the WAN static IP in router.

edit: tcp image corrected

mmmmm no more response.

Asad. haven't you come across a problem like above?

I m just trying different things also tried one you told. but nothing's there. also I got the ways from google what I have tried.

but they are all with dynamic IP addresses or with same subnet masks on external/internal IP.

only that is the thing I got different that the IP/subnet are not of the same class.

but one thing that I have just did with the other router after PTCL modem. is same as you told but with 192.168.x.x series. and that is working fine. but PTCL link is with dynamic IP address and is distributed by the Modem via DHCP in it. unlike in wateen.

I am not sure what I am doing this and that. I can set these things but only in very simple and normal way because I m not a network guy.

have you had a look on my last post with screenshots?

I now actually need it only because I just have got conscious about it that what will be the workaround for it. this is not only about how can I access it. because I just can access it via the wateen's internel network address assigned to the CPE that is 10.x.x.x.

but it would be good I think if we set this thing up