Access Modem GUI Behind Router (PTCL)



I am trying to access shiro DSL805E modem interface which is behind Linksys WRT54GS. i am using a DD-WRT firmware on my linksys router. The network looks some thing like this.

<-------------> <-------------> <-------------->

Shiro (Bridge) DD-WRT(PPPoE) Home-PC

Now i want to access my Shiro web interface from my Home PC i have tried so many things from net but still i m not going anywhere i hope any one of my friend here on this forum might have tried some thing to sort this problem out if yes please guide me through i shall be very thankful to you guys.

cheers waiting ..........


I have a similar arrangement. I tried putting the modem in bridge mode and using PPPoE dialer on WRT54GL. I wasn't able to access the modem. After that, I shifted to using a static IP assignment on WRT54GL and made the modem use PPPoE to connect. Then I was able to access both, the router and the modem.


Thanks Asad tried and its sorted working fine now....