AC compressor

My Window Ac's compressor is weak some 1 is suggesting me to go for Realy or starter kit that boost the compressor to start sometime my compressor dont starts 6 out of 10 times... so i go for Starter Kid and capicitor

Or Bye New Compressor? PEL 1.5 ton worth Rs 12000+1500 gas charges or can be compressor repairs?.

I called Pel in lahore he told me that Pel Piston Compressor cost me 10k and i called in Khi hez telling me 12000 yeh kaya scene hai.

dont go for the piston coompressor , go for the rotary one.

no doubt the piston compressor efficiency is great but there are some drawbacks of th episton compressors like huge electricty consumption / need more voltage to start / a/c wont start on low voltages etc.

while rotary is good to start and work on low voltage .

it is better to switch to split unit with a rotary compressor.

So with the Hard Start Relay first. It will cost you around Rs 500/= or so. It wil do the trick. If all else fails then only change the compressor etc.................