A new "War of Controllers" has been started

Hands free Natal by Microsoft for Xbox 360 Consoles

It monitors and reacts precisely to the player's movements and the way they talk.



Sony also join the war of Gamming Console Controllers

Read http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8080436.stm

I liked microsoft's one.

PSPgo was a bummer, stupid piece of crap, project natal was the only good part about E3

Clearly Sony's technology has the edge over Natal.

IMO Natal is way better than Natal, just check out this video


Yeah so I am playing an FPS and I don't have anything to shoot with or call for help or command the AI players. Watch my back, oh the enemy is on the left side, god damn no, they are on the roof, shoot damn it shoot you crazy son of a !@#$%! God damn, I gota continue this level again.

I for one would never feel like playing a game until I have something in my hand and something that would interact with the console and game. M$ ripped off the idea using EYEPET but the problem is that the Natal will have a lot of problems when it comes playing fighting, footbal and shooter games whereas Sony's tech looks very precise and you wouldn't need a whole foodball field to run and make a goal :)


many people think like they have it what they need for now

but the need never sits back watching that you are happy with what you have, it grows and grows and grows in you.

and always any one needs some thing when that thing comes to him, when he sees some one else using that thing, when he notices about the thing is very useful and more interesting as never before.

any ways. the Natal by Microsoft is not yet final and ready to use. if you watched the video presentation, it shows the idea that Microsoft presented and they say that it's POSSIBLE to interact with the system just like that.

and about the scenario you presented is a good but do not think of the current gaming systems and scenarios only.

please take this fact in to your mind.

The product(game) is developed after managing with the requirements of the systems currently available

NOT the Systems are manufactured after the product that has been developed

but also the Systems are manufactured after having the idea of the future products not the older products.

I hope you got my words.

however, for instance, with the old gaming solutions the new gaming solutions as well will be developed to deal/interact with such kind of devices/systems taking the best user interfaces in the developers' minds.

Sony is also favorite of mine for it's products like TVs also the Play Stations, etc. specially for its quality products.

And I always preferred PS3 over xBox 360

BUT also I always appreciated the good work and in my point of view the Natal is absolutely a good work by Microsoft.

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IMO Natal is way better than Natal, just check out this video



Natal way better then Natal :D… Okhay…


Firstly Natal is a great innovation. You wont be able to play normal games with it like COD or MGS or any of those big games. Games will be made for Natal, So stop dreaming about playing FPS and other games using natal :D

Secondly, I dont really think its going to be as good as MS are making it out to be. I think its just Hyped up. But its a good start.

And lastly, I feel Sony’s controller is going to be better in terms of that games will be able to use it more properly then they would be able to use Natal. But lets see… Its really good innovation by MS and Sony both.

Microsoft can introduce the controller later on if its needed