A new online Community for Pakistanis!


I have recently launched a new Community called PakForums. Please help me in growing this community. Join and start posting. It would be a favor to me.

Visit : PakForums.Net



I like the theme!


Thanks, It took me alot of time to find that theme.. any suggestions.?


The theme and layout is very nice. What you have to focus on now is content. The first problem I see is you have wayyyy too many sections. Like the Hatred/jokes sections in 'Miscellaneous' are completely useless and just adds to clutter. A new visitor would just get lost there. Second, general forums are nice, but you should focus on an area you really like, e.g. this is a Pak tech forum. That'll encourage a strong sense of community with similar interests. You can add more general sections as your membership base grows. Right now it seems like you tried to cater to EVERY area of interest, and that just makes the forum seem confusing.


The problem is that my site name does not say anything specific. Its just a community for Pakistanis. I tried to focus on every topic but not in details. its like you can have any kind of discussion on that forum. I know its a big confusing but there are many forums working in this manner.

I fully understand that WiredPakistan is a forum focused on Pak Tech but you see the Name "Wired Pakistan" puts the site in Tech Category.

I need you to tell me what sections do you think i should remove right now?


If I remember correctly WiredPakistan didn't start off as WP, it started off as forums associated with ko.offroadpakistan.com with the URL being ko.offroadpakistan.com/forums ! Point being the name isn't really crucial. You can always get a new URL later on and redirect or something like that.

And I'm sure there are many forums working in the same manner, but then if there already exist forums of this type why're you creating yet another one! :) That just means you're starting a forum for the sake of starting a forum, without any goal or subject in mind. So if you want to do something, do it right, and to start a successful forum, you have to be unique, otherwise you'll go around posting your link on other forums, people will visit in once and never go back! Anyways I think I've made my point and I'd urge you to think seriously about it.

As for the sections. Thats completely up to you. Depends on what kind of forum you want, and what you want to focus on. Ask yourself 'Would I visit and contribute to this forum on a regular basis, and if yes why?'


umm the skin looks sleek and glossy but what is pakistani about it?

maybe change the banner and put up something which gives the atmosphere of a pakistani forum.

rest looks good, best of luck!


I am going to be brutally honest, because that is how I would

like people to evaluate my work.

The theme you have selected, is dark. Actually it's black. The

only time I have across such colors is when the forum is for

something seedy, or sinister. Like warez, porn, or suicide blogs.

At best, a dark background gives the impression of the lights

being turned off and the place abandoned. It doesn't help when

you want to attract readers with uplifting messages of positivity,

creativity and hope.

Secondly, there isn't enough contrast to help people navigate

with ease. Dark crimson on black, khaki on black, strain the eye,

much like the color combos here on WP, which is on the other

end of the spectrum. Too light. :)

Having designed a few websites from scratch, I have some idea

how trying and sometimes frustrating it is to come up with just

the right color balance. The cyan headings are working pretty

well with the your black bg, btw.

As for content, I would second sah's advice about limiting the

sections to 2-3 at first. People have short attention spans.

Very short. And finally, you have got to have a niche, some

killer-app which attracts and keeps people on your forum. It

can be something unique involving tech, music, art, movies,

politics, or whatever. Easier said then done, I know.

I hope this wasn't too harsh, or critical. It's just my $0.02.

Sheikh 'HTTP' Chilli


its not opening up for me

btw I agree with what sah said just concentrate on one thing


thanks for your advices. i have made some changes.


Sorry, I don't like the color scheme. It's too dark and makes the text hard to read. Just so you know, black is out style on most of the web, with its usage limited only to some games/music related and other such sites.

I echo what everyone else said. There are already too many general chitchat communities, so I don't see why anyone would bother joining yours rather than , say, 'gup shup forums'. Start from fewer topics and expand as the need arises.

Good luck with your forum!