A multi-national in Pakistan blamed for death in a reality show

Got this in an email from a reliable source; but hard to beleive. If its true, its very very sad....

Apparantly Saad Khan used to work for RBS (formerly known as ABN AMRO) Finincial Institution department, Karachi


In their quest to produce a western-style thrill and adventure based reality show, but poor, substandard and possibly lack of safety arrangements led to the death of participant Saad Khan, victim’s cousin Mansoor Khan told Aarpix.

Saad lost his life during the recording of the reality show when host Amina Sheikh (model for Clear Shampoo) challenged him to an underwater performancee. Saad Khan apparently lost his control and shouted for help but lack of safety and lifeline measures failed to rescue him and the young man, a father of four lost his life, report said.

The blame goes to the producers of the show, for hiring such a sub-standard team and cheap arrangements that became the cause of the death, said Aarpix.

For now, the mainstream media has rejected to air any such news as they get a fair amount of advertising business from the company, Aarpix commented, adding the spokespersons of the two companies have been shamelessly calling the incident a mere accident.

Mansoor Khan, the cousin of the victim has demanded that “all concerned people of Unilver Pakistan and Mindshare must be put behind bars.” He wants that the culprits who gambled with the life of his cousin must be brought to justice.

It is not known if the commonly practiced life and accident related insurances for participants and workers of the reality show were in place during its filming and recording. No independent verification of the said report has been possible yet. Meanwhile, details of the unfortunate incident continue to twit on the internet sociables.

source ?

well its digital era............make a video or news with video support and run it on You Tube, than spread the news on blogs.

You will get attention in media for sure.

But things have to be authenticated.

otherwise,,,,,,,,,,,,,its another waste story

^ true



^ Thanks for the source. Sad story indeed

very sad, i hope justice will be delievered to his family and children ....

Why isn't this in any big news giants like GEO, DAWN, EXPRESS??

I smell fraud! The links bellskar provided are, well.... a complete dud.

Sad to hear that. But does few million rupees compensation from the company will be equivalent of the life of a human being. I am saying this because at the maximum that will be happen.

It would be justice that along with financial aid of at least 100 million rupees (take it from the company to make it a example for future) and put criminal charges on the director of TV show, security adviser/department of TV show and the owners/directors of company who conceive the idea of TV show but they did not plan for security of contestants even when they have the resources and funds to do so while they were manipulating the lives of human beings. Put them for at least 10 years to 15 years in jail then justice will prevail.

Geo, ARY etc wont telecast this news because they get money from unilever..

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Why isn’t this in any big news giants like GEO, DAWN, EXPRESS??

Reason: It is not against Musharraf nor in blind praise of dysfunctional impotent democracy.

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what the hell are u talking about? did u get what asad said?


Hey! Hey! Hey! calm down!!!

I just gave a retarded response to a retarded reason (@Asad: that doesn’t imply you are retarded). As mentioned, I have qualms on the authenticity of this story, cuz none of the big networks are covering this.

BTW geo doesn’t care at all who they are reporting against!!!

Anyone who has worked with the Jang group would know that.

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Why isn’t this in any big news giants like GEO, DAWN, EXPRESS??

Sad event in deed! I am also surprised regarding the Silence of Electronic and Print Media about that news! :( CJ should take immediate action against liable persons!

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Hey! Hey! Hey! calm down!!!

I just gave a retarded response to a retarded reason (@Asad: that doesn’t imply you are retarded).


[lite offence] it seems a Jiala On Line [/lite offence]

i heard the news tdy on Express News sad one though!

Sad Authentic News.

Kamran Khan Show, Bolta Pakistan and Ansar Abbasi and above all now his cousin can contact CJ directly by sending an application with his ID card.

Guys, we should suggest "KOOL" the ways to promote this thing.

An other suggestions

Shows teh face of our biased money hungry media. They talk bullshit about serving the nation with truth, yet the second money comes in the matter ... they show their true face eh.

Its sad to hear about this.

I would blame the studios rather than the multi-national, if anything ... they sponsor. The "studio" ... the actual producers are responsible for this.