8600gt price

hi there

Can someone be kind enough to tell me the approximate price of nvidia 8600gt and 8600gts graphic cards?

thanks in advance

I came to know through a forum member that he recently purchased 8600gts 512MB for Rs.5600 from Galaxy karachi.

Finally the prices came down... 2-3 months ago, the 8600gt cost 8800rs.... which was more then an imported 8800gt!!!!

dudes i keep seein ppl or shud i sat newbies keep askin about the prices of computer parts when clearly the first and only sticky thread in computer hardware catagory is there answer http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=3 there are alot of gr8 linx there plus i find galaxy.pk quite helpful... check out a few websites make a few calls then ask others for help....