8 GB in 1980 and 8 GB in 2009

8 GB in 1980 and 8 GB in 2009


This is real advancement in technology. Reduced mass, reduced weight,reduced energy consumption and got us rid of huge ventilation system to run computers.

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BTW nothing cool about about it IMO.

I read about a Sony spec released like 2 days ago where the New Memory Stick could go upto 2TB, I don't think it's possible right now, but in a few years we'll probably have it. I wonder what our kid's will think when they look at our HDDs and go oh they were happy to have 2TB maximum storage per Hard Drive, when they have HDDs in Exabytes.

ya just imagine the advancement the technology would have made by then one might even laugh at himself that what he used in the past made him satisfied but now it's a joke

for example

when Nokia 6600 came every single person on the earth was amazed by it and now you have the Apple 3gs..

look at your past it will make you laugh for sure!!!

Its amazing that when I was my old Pentium I PC, I thought 1GB would be enough for everything!

Great Invention and improvement!

Great work doing by tech guys.