>>Installed 7zip for the first time....please tell me about its best/max compression settings...

>>like in WinRAR, one have to select "Best" under compression method and check " create Solid archive" in Archiving options, to get max compression.


Sorry Rizzi

Few months back, Igor Pavlov, author of 7zip suddenly from no where, has the highest compression rate.

Now, KGB Archiver holds the highest compression rate place! No wonder they call themselves the “The best ultimate archiver in the world”.


>>Thanks for your info....bt I was asking abt the specific settings of 7zip dude! don care abt the best compression software....

>>wanted to test WinRAR and 7zip, to know which is the best one. Now I would be including KGB archiver too in tests....so plz tell me KGB archiver's max compression settings too!


Well - let me add a bit more to the confusion. For me, Power Archiver works quite swell, and I use the .CAB format for compression (it's also the format used for installing Windows, as it offers HIGH compression - even more than ZIP and RAR).

And every copy of Windows can open it up without having to install any software.

My $0.02