5610 create prob

i want too tranfer data from mobile too laptop. and the all drivers are completely installed. but yet there is noo way too connect. a laptop found that a cable is found but later on all disappeared. and i have too start the progream again. i didnt want too format the window due to important data.

mobile model is nokia 5610.soo what shud i do????

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@sweet2000 First download & install Nokia PC Suite, then download any necessary drivers required, then connect your phone to your pc with the usb cable, let the pc suite detect your phone, once your phone is detected, use the file transfer mode to transfer the files.


Simply get a memory card reader & transfer the data to your laptop.

If the data is stored in your phone memory, then first transfer it to the memory card then use the memory card to transfer it to your laptop.

Hope i helped :)

okz the procedure u told me i also follow this.and i have also drivers .

and the 2nd way which u tell me is not applicable because my memory card have an virus.and i also detct it from different antiviruses but not remove yet.therefore card reader didnt read this.

and we hace a original CD of nokia suites

^ Their is one more way.

Buy a bluetooth device & use the bluetooth in your 5610 to transfer the data to the bluetooth device. And if you laptop has inbuilt bluetooth in it, then you dont even have to buy a bluetooth device. This is a slow way, but will solve your problem.

yes thats the solution.. thnx i have too purchase an external bluetooth reader.

^ Good luck :)

okzzzzz buddy