5300 suspected

i have a problem with my cell or my connection which totally surprised me.that is

now i m living in rawalpindi and my cell phone is working properly but when i go out side the rawalpindi my cell phone didnt work and amazing thing is that when i again return too rawalpindi my cell phone again start working..soo i surprised that whats the problem first time i see this kind of problemm..my cell model is nokia 5300.

What do u mean my i dint work ? No signals , No power or any Other issue , what exactly is happening to your beloved cell Phone Plz mention ?

Which connection... If it is not Mobilink, chances are that the cellular service provider doesn't provide it services outside your city.

i have a ufone conn. but i also report this error near franchise bt they are saying this is cell prob not connection.

YAR masla to bta :o ???:/