512mb ram price



could anyone plz tell me wht actually the price of 512mb ddr ram presently has.


Use www.galaxy.pk , then click on price and specifications and then select your suitable probducts.

Note ::: 512 MB DDR is Slow these days and will not be able to do heavy tasks.

Solution:: Buy DDR2 and atleast 1 GIG of RAM.


You can get used 512 MB PC3200 DDR for 1500rs easily


For Rs. 1200 u can get a used pc3200 ram


Yeah hes right, I just went to the market today, apparently the average price is 1200rs now days.


i have ddr before in my system, will ddr2 work in it?


It depends on your motherboard. If you bought your computer some time ago, chances are you do not have a ddr2 capable motherboard.


hmm ok