what the hell that means on graphic cards?? i hate that i am such a noob but i don't know as i use old hardware and never had a 512mb card

Either its memory is 512 or 256...

which card is it anyway. and what about bits, i think it would be 128bit card.


this card... it is available on galaxy(one of the very few agp cards in existence)... on galaxy it says 512mb and on the site says 512/256 ... so i first thought what you said like this model is available in both memory sizes and then i thought that there may be some technical crap:P that i don't know about

actually its the ram of the card

on site they have mentioned that they offer this card in two ram ranges i.e. 256 and 512

but all the other things in the card will be same...

there r 2 models of this card

H165PRQ512A-R...........this one is 512mb

H165PRQ256A-R...........this one is 256mb

yup yup got it... i thought so but as i mentioned before i thought there was may be a more "technical" thing than just two different cards alltogether