5 mp webcam


what do u people think that how much a 5 mega pixels webcam will cost u?


i don't think if there are any 5mp webcams. and you'll be needing atleast 2 mbps to sent taht kinda data via IM etc if u plan to use it.


ya thats what i wanna confirm that is there any 5 mp webcam available in the market or not

but lets see what others say


there are 7 mp pc cams which can record video up to 1024x768



what in fact you want to stream in HD to the world? from Multan.


There r 5 mp webcams aviable easily costing around 1400 Rs A4tech. But they just make pictures of 5 mp. This 5 mp does not apply to the streaming video. In these cams software is enhanced which increases the picture size.