5-day working week proposal in Pakistan


I suppose this will also be applicable to all Banks.

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Saturday holiday ends from 27th

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has approved the proposal to discontinue the weekly holiday on Saturday from November 27, 2010.

The decision for weekly holiday on Saturday, it may be recalled, was taken by the Council of Common Interest in wake of electricity shortage during summer.

The Prime Minister took the decision to finish the weekly holiday on Saturday after consultation with all the provincial governments and concerned ministries. The formal decision has been taken with consensus after taking all the stakeholders on board.





I don’t think its beneficial as much as some other tactics are, for example,

  1. If govt. forced all bussiness owners to close their bussiness shops, factories after 1 or 2 hours of sunset. And also implement to start businesses in the early morning.
  2. Use sunlight to produce energy, using solar panels on all govt. departments, building. Also attract private sectors from tax-free policies in return to use their available resources (buildings) to produce electricity from sunlight or wind.
  3. Convert street lights to solar or wind energy of small cities as much as possible.
  4. Install small turbines on rivers and lakes and provide this energy to local area.
  5. We have a huge plaine land and sea area, govt. should install wind turbine at these places and use this energy for local area.