5-day working week proposal in Pakistan


yr i meant i dont agree with this policy of Govt. it is decreasing working hours... less work=less production=less economy

my concern is my country not school....


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Friday is almost half day

So technically it is four and a half.

What they could do is :

.They should have a 8hour window for shops, 11-7

.All shops and offices to be closed for prayer times(40mins max). Thus creating cooling period.

.No more than 5 bulbs in a shop.

.Kunda connection charges quadrupled.

.An Anti-corruption police under CJustice only (not even the president).




Federal cabinet mulling two weekly holidays [geo.tv]

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Updated at: 1247 PST, Wednesday, November 04, 2009

ISLAMABAD: A special session of federal cabinet has begun to discuss two holidays in a week for all public sector institutions. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is presiding the meeting.

The federal cabinet is also expected to place a massive cut on a daily expenditure of the president, the prime minister, federal ministers and chief ministers of the four provinces under the proposed austerity drive, to be approved in the special cabinet meeting.

The agenda of the special cabinet meeting revealed that the prime focus of the meeting would be on the approval and implementation of austerity measures. According to the agenda, the austerity measures would be introduced to cut government expenses through administrative and management adjustment in the current system.

The other three items on the agenda are the approval of a sugar policy, gas load management plan 2009-10 and the review of paddy procurement in the 2009 Kharif season.



Former state bank governer Dr. Ishrat has advised the government to change the Friday halfday to full working day. According to him the five day working day will help us to save energy and power but he also adds further in advice that the government should make sure that 40 hours working time should be completed at least, othewise the 5-day working plan will be much more devistating.

One thing more, this plan should only be for the organizations and departments under government. Private organizations should take their decisions according to their needs.

So work hard otherwise government will have to change the policy again.


government employees working 40 hrs in 5 days...wow that will be interesting to see :D


^lolz....Govt. should not be adding the condition of "work" for those 40 hours as Govt. officials have a lot of other things to do rather Than "WORK"



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ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Interior today issued the notification regarding two-day holidays in government offices, which would come into force at once, Geo News reported.

According to the notification, Saturday and Sunday would be holidays; working hours would be 8:00am till 4:00pm from Monday to Friday.

While lunch break would be between 1:00pm to 1:30pm except Friday.

Friday namaz and lunch break would be from 12:30pm to 2:00pm.



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I told you guys before, JOIN THE GOVT!!!


anything to reduce loadshedding, i'm on board!


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anything to reduce loadshedding, i’m on board!

sleep, sleep and sleep



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anything to reduce loadshedding, i’m on board!

these are hardly the ways of reducing load shedding. This is like putting patches and band aids on a system that requires a lot more than that.


They (High Govt Officials) already spend little time in the office, and now they get weekends off too. The clerks are really gonna hate the short time they have to complete their tasks. They may have to take their works home...


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They (High Govt Officials) already spend little time in the office, and now they get weekends off too. The clerks are really gonna hate the short time they have to complete their tasks. They may have to take their works home…

hmm which clerks ? are there any in Govt Offices that actually work and that too to the extent that they will need to take their work home :) ?


I read that in USA, some companies/states have 4 working days in a week but they work 10 hours a day instead of 8 hours a day.


^Their employees must be suffering form extreme stress.



a very small percentage of govt employees have to do some work, others just go to their offices for relaxing

that is because most of the govt jobs are created to accommodate the relatives and friends of current employees and hence they don't have any work to do



Its not about work hours, but efficient working in those hours.

Work hours have already been increased.

Its about a social change which has nothing to do with energy.

Its about taking contribution as member of family, as member of society and not as in-efficient government employee.


- one manages to take his children to hospital,

- buy 'atta' and pay utility bills in a queue,

- get his motorbike / second hand car repaired,

- run after teaching staff of low category schools for supervision of education of his children,

- accompany his wife for shopping,

- reach office and back home in smoky vans in midst of traffic jams (finding electricity off and malaria ridden child on reaching home) are only few of the troubles, solution to which during six working days in the office is any ones guess.


- Why today our film industry in dwindling,

- why sports achievements of 160 million-nation are not noteworthy,

- why private sector is reluctant to invest in amusement parks,

- why our cultural / traditional Melas have vanished,

- why our limited festivals are unexciting,

- why hills resorts have not emerged for a nation of millions over last 60 years,

They say one should not mix business with pleasure, we mix these and end up with nothing.

An overpaid bureaucrat,

- whose children study and travel to high class academic institutions on chuffer driven luxury cars,

- any army of tutors to coach children,

- gets replacements cars if one gets faulty and does not know who and how gets the faulty car repaired,

- guests received by personal assistants and entertained at official guest houses,

- does not know who pays his bills (if at all someone does),

- travels by air to attend social events,

- an army of worker to take care his personal needs

- has evident reasons to question why people need two holidays.

Why should he think of 2 holidays,


this is a good news for wapda but stil load shading is in process

this holiday is just a drama they can control it but some black sheep does not want that this country progress. by the way they hav done a holiday 4 u so enjy it