42" lcd tv recommendations please

phillips, sony and samsung. thats what seems to be available right now, can any recommend anything else? preferably with a dvi input. the samsung/phillips both do not have the dvi connection only dsub, i havent checked the sony model though. anyways thanks.

what? t.v or computer lcd

well as being a sony boy :D i will of course suggest sony (bravia).

yep tv

well man come on! what do you expect that 42'' lcd will have only a tv jack (where antenna or cable goes :P).. they will for sure have hdmi,dvi or svid ports

i am sure you have seen shophive (ahan got u) so?


sony is double the price of philips. we are using 3 phillips tv, very much satisfied with the performance. so go for a Phillips :)

well i can proirative ur selection:

1. sony

2. samsung

3. phillips

and yeah u wanted to know more brands then the list wud look like:

1. sony

2. panasonic

3. toshiba, pioneer

4. samsung

5. philips

6. LG

7. any other brand......

most people hands down go with lg or samsung. cheap and good!

yes phliips is ok, go get one then. and yeah no point in saying about ports. the company isn't stupid enough to put one dvi port on a 42'' lcd.

what about hitachi? its manufactured in japan right? on the other hand samsung is manufactured in korea

yar i dont think hitachi manufacture television anymore.. i think it merged with 'national' many years ago. am not sure though.

you cannot go wrong with sony bravia... they have the best resolution and their warranty is better than most in pakistan i guess... a safer choice i would say

but the primary thing to notice is that nearly 95% of the manufacturers use samsung chips in their lcd's...above all sony does....if ur really going for 42 inches and spending this much money have a look at pioneer plasmas...the color replication, sharpness, the blacks all these things are literally much more brilliant in a plasma...especially the blacks which no lcd can truly replicate....take my word look in the market for the latest pioneer plasma when u find the latest model stack it against ur chosen lcd and then demo it....rest will be history!

plasma suks... ha if plasma y not oled!

never plasma. lcd for life!

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plasma suks… ha if plasma y not oled!

never plasma. lcd for life!


plasmas have much better contrast ratios compared to lcds and also if u want a bigger size screen plasma will be much cheaper

I have no experience in TV's, but aren't Samsung makes good one's too? At least I really liked one ad they showed a year or so ago :)

ok i am about to buy a 32" lcd tv, the prices quoted by the dealer with 2 years warranty..

Samsung S8 Series - 52,000 (i liked this one)

LG - 53,000

Sony Bravia Series- 63,000

Phillips - 58,000

Nobel - 49,000

are all lcd's hdtv's?

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are all lcd’s hdtv’s?

no an HDTV has a minimum resolution of 1280x720 aka 720p

yep not hdtv's, probably going to go for a samsung.

^me too :)

hey buy a HDTC, wait for couple of months if you are short of money. but only buy a HDTV man. otherwise you are gonna regret it. old lcds have the bad quality. trust me I have used 'em all.