32bit vs 64bit xp

1. which is better performance and speedwise?

2. will existing 32bit softwares work on 64bit xp?

3. Which 64bit version is the best?

XP 64 has lots of driver issues...but existing 32 bit software can be run (through WOW64)...

At this time, as I understand it, there isn't really any advantage to 64-bit vs 32-bit except that you can use more RAM (more than 4GB) with 64-bit Windows. 64-bit Windows is more secure I think, because Microsoft has some kernel level protection in there which they don't have in 32-bit.

As for the drivers, there are problems, but I think they're far less frequent than they were when it first came out.

My advice is that you get 32-bit - why take the risk of driver issues when there isn't a huge advantage to 64-bit?

loading games are hard on 64 bit

as guys mentioned there are lot of issue using 64 bit win coz most software are made for bit 32 windows but a huge advantage is that most virus won't effect your computer coz there are around 75% of viruses and malawares and spywares which only activate on win32. But I tested 64 for about a month some time back and there was no difference between speed or performance as compare to xp32 so i switched back to win32Xp with uptodate nod32 antivirus ... :)

64bit all da way!!!

pwns 32-bit in every aspect. the drivers issue isn't that much of an issue with vista64, if you've got a new pc, almost everythign will work outta the box.

Oh and by the way, I should add that if you're considering a new system, think about going for Vista.