3 dsl merging?

Hey guys this idea came in my mind that if we subscribe to a 2 mbps ptcl connection and a 2 mbps worldcall connection and a 2 mbps wateen connection and then merge them to get 6 mbps of extreme speed.... what do you think, is it possible?

^ yes

Possible? Yes. Feasible? No.

6 mbps may be extreme for us but for North Americans and West Europeans it's not extreme, in fact pretty much standard (or close to it).

By the way, if you are going to join connections then it's more advisable to join a satellite with two under-sea cables.

IMHO, get one DSL connection, one wireless like WiMAX or EVDO, and one satellite connection. Join them and use it. In case one is down then others may carry the load. If under-sea cable is damage then your DSL and WiMAX/EVDO may be down but satellite connection will continue to work.

In strange events if satellite is down then under-sea connections maybe working.

This setup will give you 99% surety that you'll have internet access for mission critical applications/servers.

He must be talking about merging and increasing speed, so that he can get more than 2 Mbps

Man I have told it many times in that forum .... simple man buy 4 port WAN router from TPLINK its arround 15K



^ do you know where i can get that in Karachi and at what price?



Or if you want to go free then use PfSense. I heard quite a while ago about PfSense ( a bsd monowall based firewall) that can be installed on any PC. Put multiple NICs in the box, install PfSense (any old computer will do if you are not installing a very big corporate network, which surely wont be the case) and use the load-balancing feature of Pfsense.

See the power of Open Source.

Google "internet wan load balancing" and you may find many other products as well