2x Game Pads for sale

1. Asus XitePad

Demand : 1000

condition : 6.5/10 , working 100% FINE , no problems at all , only one button [see pics] is missing but that button doesnt have to do anything with the game

2. Logitech RumblePad 2

Demand : 1700

condition 10/10 but due to mishandling one out of 5 tiny cables inside USB broke , so i attached that cable without opening the controller it was just a cable re-attachment [see pics]

2 days check warranty for both controllers

demand is negotiable for XitePad but not for logitech

both controllers are working 100% fine , no problems at all

Reason : Collecting money for motherboard

Contact : 0333-5657220

Email : kashif99048@msn.com


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